Fionna-600On June 1, 2004 our princess Fionna was born. I was only able to spend three hours with her in the delivery room as she needed surgery to treat Pulmonary Stenosis of her heart. After several more surgeries and three months in the NICU, our Fionna was able to come home. She was on a feeding tube, needed intensive therapies seven days a week, and required round the clock care. A short time later, Fionna was diagnosed with Angleman Syndrome, which among other things causes neurological conditions and ongoing seizures. The challenges that lay ahead were many.

Fionna is now ten years old and working hard on new goals. While she can walk, it’s with a very significant gait disturbance. Therefore, her primary mode of getting around is her chair and an adaptive bike that she outgrew. We are grateful to The Cameron Can Foundation for purchasing a new bike for Fionna. Now she can get outside and smile even more.